Defeat Frantic Consumerism

“No need to rush, Mom – we have plenty of time.”

Momentarily confused, I realized my son thought I was in a hurry when he saw me beating some eggs in a bowl while making breakfast one morning. This made me smile, as I was thankfully NOT in a rush and realized he had taken our new family motto to heart.

Here’s where this new motto came from:


Problem: Frantic Consumerism – feeling like you never have enough time, money, or both

  • Frantic = busy, hurried, overscheduled
  • Consumerism = overspending, living paycheck to paycheck, mounting debt


Solution: Add margin to your schedule AND budget, which often requires:

  • Cutting a number of unnecessary or less important tasks/events and expenditures
  • Constantly re-assessing and prioritizing to maintain that margin over time


Result: Experience an abundance (vs scarcity) of time and money

  • When you add margin, it is easier to give your time and money as things come up without feeling over-extended


How might you add margin to your schedule and/or budget in a way that helps you defeat Frantic Consumerism?