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Facing a career transition?

Wanting a sounding board to

help you navigate

constant leadership challenges?

Looking for ways to

develop your new leaders

or high potentials?

Looking for someone to

walk beside you

in your faith journey?


I help people find clarity
on what is essential
for success and renewal,
both professionally and personally.


About the Coach

Crescent Seibert, PhD, BCC, ACC, is the owner and founder of Crescent Seibert Coaching, LLC, based in Niceville, FL. She is an ICF-certified executive coach and retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with over 14 years of leadership and organizational consultation experience. Her military career culminated in supporting 13 Department of Defense personnel selection programs, starting up 3 executive coaching programs, and serving on the Department of the Air Force coaching cadre. With a background in psychology, Crescent leverages expertise in the areas of talent management, emotional intelligence, and behavior change when coaching leaders. She helps clients tap into their motivations, values, personality style, strengths, and spirituality to make meaningful changes and reach their professional and personal goals. She is passionate about coaching people through career and life transitions, to include working with veterans as they transition into the civilian workforce.


Executive & Personal Coaching

Career Transitions * Leadership Effectiveness * Faith-Based Coaching * Overcoming Burnout * Prioritizing * Setting Boundaries * Retirement Planning

Business & Organizational Consultation

Talent Management * Personnel Selection * Employee Retention * Succession Planning * Leadership Team Assessments * Change Management

Professional Development & Leadership Training

Personality Style * Team Dynamics * Emotional Intelligence * Interpersonal Skills * Leadership Role Transitions * Managing Conflict * Self-Care